The WOR Music Festival Program involves the orchestration of multiple live music performances to raise funding and awareness for an identified charity. The timeframes and scope differ for each campaign and can range from four to six months to plan and execute. In the summer of 2018, we hosted a two-day music festival called Tiny Cat. Our Tiny Cat Music Festival campaign was a success. This effort aligned and fulfilled all three goals of our mission: to enrich the population of the Greater Washington, DC area through expanding the musical arts, bringing communities together and raising funding and awareness for a community-based charity in the Washington, DC region. Each night sold out to capacity and through ticket sales, merchandise sales and personal donations we were able to raise $7,000 for the Greater DC Diaper Bank. While most of the demographics in terms of attendees were people from the Greater Washington DC area, we had people travel from Minneapolis, Atlanta, North Carolina, Philadelphia and New York State. In addition to the financial benefit, the advocacy piece of the campaign was powerful and successful. The engagement and atmosphere at both days of the festival were amazing. All the musicians interacted with the representatives from the charity as did a majority of the public. The GDCDB received a significant amount of in-kind donations each day in the form of female hygiene products and baby care needs.