The WOR Record Release Program focuses on producing limited run boutique colored vinyl of a specific musical artist of unreleased material for the community-based charity that aligns with their ideology. These campaigns run four-month in duration and during this time both WOR and the musician/musicians advocate for the charity in addition to promoting the fundraising effort. Vinyl records are still incredibly popular, and we believe they are the best way to experience purchased music. We offer the vinyl records we produce as a gift for a donation to the campaign. We utilize all the promotional tools at our disposal to spread awareness for the charity and the release. Our first campaign in 2016 was an international record release of both a twelve-inch single and LP on vinyl in conjunction with a record release concert for the Washington, DC-based dark electronic duo Technophobia. Through all of our efforts, we raised $3,055.72 for our partner charity Life Pieces to Masterpieces which exceeded our goal.