Life Pieces to Masterpeices


LIFE PIECES TO MASTERPIECES uses artistic expression and their Human Development System to develop character, unlock potential, and prepare African American boys and young men to transform their lives and community. Founded in 1996, Life Pieces To Masterpieces is an arts-based, youth development, and mentoring organization for African American males ages 3 to 25. They take their name from the unique style of art that their Apprentices (program participants) collectively create. Apprentices collaborate to decide on life experience to make the topic of their painting, they then make their masterpiece together by painting, cutting, arranging, and sewing pieces of canvas. This process reflects their belief that however challenging individual "pieces" of our lives may be, we can respond to them in a way that makes our lives into masterpieces. For 20 years, LPTM has made this transformation possible by providing an environment where young men receive unwavering love, know they are safe, and learn to express themselves fully while exploring their identities and goals.

Working Order Records’ first campaign in 2016 was an international record release of both a twelve-inch single and LP on vinyl in conjunction with a record release concert for the Washington, DC-based dark electronic duo Technophobia. 100% of the proceeds from both their Negative Space single and the Flicker Out LP sold between May 12, 2016, and October 31, 2016, were donated to LPTM to support their summer program. The summer program includes breakfast, lunch, and three field trips a week, and serves to prevent summer learning loss while engaging the program participants in a cross-cultural experience. Through the six-month campaign, we were able to raise $3,055.72 to support this effort.